Secret Stash

Below you will find a list of my reviews from Secrets as well as other blogs.  They are sorted by rating and then alphabetically by author (last name).  Feel free to comment on any of my posts, especially my reviews.  I love reading what other people think about the books I've read and I really love (LOVE!) comments!  Happy reading!

5 stars:
The Perfect Play (Jaci Burton)
Changing the Game (Jaci Burton)
Metrophilias (Brendan Connell)
When You Dare (Lori Foster)
Trace of Fever (Lori Foster)
Savor the Danger (Lori Foster)
Kiss of Darkness (Loribelle Hunt)
Embraced by Blood (Laurie London)
Dangerous Secrets (Katie Reus)
Eternal Hearts (Jennifer Turner)

4 stars:
Hunting Human (Amanda E. Alvarez)
Samson's Lovely Mortal (Tina Folsom)
IOU Sex (Calista Fox)
Halfway to the Grave (Jeaniene Frost)
The Ideal Man (Julie Garwood)
Forever Vampire (Michele Hauf)
Long Hard Ride (Lorelei James)
Should've Been a Cowboy (Vicki Lewis Thompson)
Bonded by Blood (Laurie London)
Learning Curves (Elyse Mady)
Paranormal Pleasures (Roxanne Rhoads)
The Fire Inside (Raymond Rose)
Negligee Behavior (Shelli Stevens)
With This Ring, I Thee Bed (Alison Tyler)
Fatal Embrace (Aris Whittier)

3 stars:
Masks (Evangleline Anderson)
Lucky Charm (Marie Astor)
Good Girls Don't (Victoria Dahl)
Pink Satin (Jennifer Greene)
Friendly Fire (Megan Hart)
Hard Day's Knight (John G. Hartness)
Kiss Me Deadly (Michele Hauf)
Slow Hands (Leslie Kelly)
Vampire Relationship Guide (Evelyn Lafont)
Laird of Darkness (Nicole North)
Getting Lucky (Kayla Perrin)
Raising the Dead (Mara Purnhagen)
Management Skills (January Rowe)

2 stars:
Ecstasy (Bella Andre)
Viper's Kiss (Shannon Curtis)
Man Law (Adrienne Giordano)
The Vampire Voss (Colleen Gleason)

1 star: