Secret Formula

My favorite genres include mysteries and suspense novels. I also enjoy light reading in the form of "chick-lit" and have found a new love in the form of steamy romance. More recently, I have been reading paranormal romance novels and am enjoying them immensely! I am open to review any genre fiction and have a deep love affair with my Kindle, though I will accept books in print format as well.

You will find my honest opinion on the books I review here.  While I do receive free books for review, no review will ever be swayed or influenced by authors or publishers.

My ratings:
1 star: Don't bother even reading the back cover!
2 stars: Not for me, but read it if you must.
3 stars: I liked it, but there were things that I might have changed.
4 stars: I loved it!  Plot, characters, all of it!
5 stars: PERFECTION!  I will read it again.  And again!

Heat Factor:
1 Flame: It's getting warm in here! - I'm sensing a connection!
2 Flames: Hot under the collar! - Definitely some sparks flying!
3 Flames: Breaking a sweat! - Feeling the passion (among other things)!
4 Flames: Steaming up the windows! - Getting some tips for tonight!
5 Flames: Blazing! - Oh my! Did I just read that?!?

In addition to myself, I have additional contributors here at Secrets.  They help me out with reviews, promotions and blog tours.  Please note that when you request a review, promotion or tour, the request may be filled by one of my contributors.  Below you will find more information about them.

Krystal enjoys romance and young adult the most out of the genres, though she'll read books in other genres as well. She prefers print books, still hasn't take the plunge and gotten an ereader. Her favorite place to read is in the botanic gardens by her house.
To contact me (or anyone on my team) about reviewing a book, email me at secretsofabooklover (at) gmail (dot) com.


In accordance with the new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, Secrets of a Book Lover would like to take this opportunity to inform our readers that books books featured, discussed or reviewed on this blog were either provided to the reviewers by the publisher or the author for free, were purchased with our own money, or won by us in random giveaways. Opinions, discussions and reviews are always based on individual experience and are never swayed, influenced or otherwise affected by authors or publishers.