Sexy Snippets: Owning Wednesday

Tuesdays have never been so sexy!

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Here we go!

Owning Wednesday (Annabel Joseph)
He caressed her upturned bottom, lustfully, yes, but gratefully as well.  She was his.  She was giving herself over to him.  He let himself have a growl over it  As if in answer, she squirmed, wiggling her bottom.  Her hip bumped his cock, arousing new frissons of craving. 
He brought his hand down on her ass, a nice, hot crack to get things started.  She jumped in his lap.  He took his time, warming her up a bit before he fully lit into her.  She was so lovely, tensing and struggling to be still, taking the pain only to please him.  Even though she'd already sucked him off, his cock pulsed to life again.  When he began to spank her harder, she cried out and reached back to cover herself.  Her breath was coming in gasps, but he knew she wasn't to her limit yet.
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