Quickie Review: Bound for Pleasure (Ann Mayburn)


Football star Tycen Preston has everything he could ever want, everything except the healing release of subspace that he desperately craves. After four years of searching for the right woman, he finally has the opportunity to indulge in all the dark, forbidden desires that would ruin his carefully crafted image if they anyone every found out.

Lara Perez is tired of the weak submissive men that offer her no challenge. She yearns for a strong Alpha male to tame and call her own. A blind date arranged by the mysterious Madam Eve seems to be the perfect arrangement for fulfilling both of their decadent cravings. Unfortunately a scheming paparazzi photographer is hot on their trail, and will do anything he can to get a scandalous picture of Tycen that would destroy his career.


This novella sure had a lot going on for such a short book!  Novella's are tricky, because they don't leave a lot of room for background, plot development or relationship building.  There is a delicate balance of how much to include so the story is engaging and how much to leave out so it's the right length.  Ann Mayburn creates that perfect balance in Bound for Pleasure.

This book gives the reader a glimpse into the secret life of a football star.  We read about his loss, his struggles and his fantasies.  It was easy for me to read the sadness in Tycen right from the first page.  My heart went out to him and I was immediately hoping that he found happiness.

Lara is no secondary character in this novella.  She's struggling with a loss of her own and I loved her character right away and soon found myself in love with this couple.  Even after one evening together, I could see how perfect they were for each other.

The relationship was enough to call this a novella, but Ms. Mayburn took it another step by adding the dirty photographer who will do anything to get his photo op.  By throwing him into the plot, we got a glimpse to what might be a future for Tycen and Lara.  What better way to leave a reader satisfied with a novella than to give them a glimmer of hope for the couple's HEA?


I really did like this "quickie".  I will definitely be picking up more books by this author!

Heat Factor:

A smoking hot football star who wants to be dominated?  Yes please!

A copy of Bound for Pleasure was provided to me for review by the author. 


  1. Yeah! I'm so glad you enjoyed this, Kelly! I've always had a place in my heart for short stories, sometimes you just need a quick and steamy HEA fix to get you through the day. ;) Though this is Tycen and Lara's only story, for now at least, Lara does have a quick cameo in my next BDSM short story for the 1 Night Stand series, Sensation Play, which will be out in the next few months. :) Thanks again!


  2. I love stories with athletes..this story sounds awesome..Thank you for your time...lprater@modweldco.com


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