Mary's Review: Gossip Ghouls: Undead Hollywood (Author: Z)

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

In this sequel to The Gossip Ghouls: Zombies and Lipstick, Z finds herself heading for the Hollywood A-list. There's just one problem—to get there, she has to join The Club, a studio system run by the vampires who rule Undead Hollywood. During a wild party, Z learns that the entire film industry is truly run by the undead, some of whom plan to stage a war against the living to reclaim their old Hollywood status. Z must fight against parodies of Hollywood stars of the past in TV's Undead Idol to save her new huband's life and to reclaim her status as the zombie it girl.


Usually, a sequel can stand on it's own and the books can be read in any order. I would recommend reading Zombies and Lipstick first, for the sole reason of knowing some of the back story and references that are made in this story.

Z is back in this story, as is her boyfriend, now husband, Stoker. We pick up sometime after the first story ends, and find Z starring in a reality TV show that was supposed to have been Vampie's. Z is quickly becoming a star.

Turns out, things in Hollywood may not be what they seem. Several iconic, dead stars are, in fact, not dead. They are running things in Hollywood and are tired of being sidelined by new, younger, living actors.

What follows is another battle between "good" and "evil", but the reader is left to decide who falls where. The other primary characters are V, Dead Douglas, Marilyn, and Tallulah.

V may or may not be Rudolph Valentino. Either way, he is the leader of Undead Hollywood. He gets Z to sign a contract which in effect makes her his slave when it comes to pictures. He's not an unlikable character, but could have been more fully developed.

Dead Douglas is the undead Douglas Fairbanks. He becomes Z's protector (or does he) and helps her out of certain situations. But Z is not sure he is fully trustworthy. Again, as a character he could have more definition.

Marilyn is, of course, Marilyn Monroe. She and Z find themselves competing for some movie roles. She is sort of the female leader of Undead Hollywood, which leads to some additional competition with V.

Tallulah is the undead Tallulah Bankhead (and coincidentally, the source of the name of Demi Moore's daughter). There are some really funny antics and dialog with Tallulah. She adds to the story.

There are other "big names" involved in this story, but they mostly play supporting roles.

Undead Hollywood is a fun story that continues the adventures of Z, but does not include as much frivolity in terms of shopping and jetting all over the world. There is some of that, but as this story is shorter in length, there is bound to be less detail. It is another fun YA story that that audience will eat up.


The story held my interest and included far less hyperbole than the first. Whether there will be another entry in this franchise remains to be seen, but the door was certainly left open for that possibility.

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