Sexy Snippets: Sapphire

Tuesdays have never been so sexy!

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Now, Crystal told me that my snippet was tame (for me) last week, so I'm spicing it up a bit this week with some BDSM.  I hope you enjoy!

Here we go!

Sapphire (Jeffe Kennedy)
His hands returned to the knotted silk at the nape of her neck, but his gaze riveted hers. Slowly he drew the silk away, his eyes dropping as he bared her breasts. Her nipples stood out, pink and tight, the globes of her breasts pulled high by her stretched position.

"Oh, yes," he breathed.

Taylor trembled under the hot look in his face. Kirliss reached for the wrap tie at her waist, clever fingers releasing it in no time. His tawny gaze flicked to hers and, with a startling snap, he whipped the dress from her body.

She hung there naked but for the tiny lace panties, thigh nights, heels and rope. Funny how the rope felt like something she wore.

"Sometimes I might dress you only in rope," he murmured, echoing her thoughts in an uncanny way. "You wear it so well."

Kirliss walked behind her and kissed that same spot at the small of her back. Taylor caught a sharp breath. He hooked his thumbs into the strings of her panties, sliding them down her thighs and following their path with hot nips, licks and kisses. He left them draped around the rope binding her feet.

"There's something to be said for panties around the ankles, don't you think?"
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  1. Nothing like a little BDSM to steam up the screen. Loved the snippet.

  2. Def. not tame this week, lol. Great snippet, can't wait to get to this one now!

  3. Now THAT is a sexy snippet!
    Loved it!


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