Man Candy Monday

Oh, do I have a seriously sexy man in store for you today.  My heart races just thinking about that intense gaze, his voice, and his amazing eyes.  If you've ever watched Prison Break, you can understand the pure awesomeness that is Wentworth Miller.  And with as crazy bad-ass as Michael Scofield was in the series, nothing topped the tender side of him that came out when he was with Sara.  Oh boy, my insides are just melting thinking about it!  So, without further delay... here's your man candy for the week!

God, he's hot!  Plus, I just found out he's in Resident Evil: Afterlife AND Underworld!  I guess I wasn't paying much attention when I was watching them.  I'm going to go pop Underworld into the DVD player and look for him.  Scott Speedman and Wentworth Miller in the same movie together?  Does it get any better than that?

Have a super sexy week!

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  1. You 100% right,Man he's hot all the way around:)


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