Man Candy Monday

If it's Monday, that must mean it's time for some delicious man candy!  Now, I know you all are pretty used to Crystal and I collaborating on all sorts of fun things for you.  But really, I swear to you, there was no discussion between us about our man candy picks for this week.  Really.  I promise.  We've just always been kindred spirits, even when we were kids.  What do I mean?  Well, check out my man candy, then head over to Reading Between the Wines to check out her Mmm... Monday post.

Anyway, here's Mateus Verdelho to kick your week off!

I love a man who is as goofy as he is hot.

Mmm... delicious!

Have a super sexy week!


  1. That's just freaky but at least we didn't pick out the same pics for ole Matheus! lol


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