Erotic Romance Weekend: Tina Folsom (Interview & Giveaway)

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Welcome to Erotic Romance Weekend!  It's going to be a sexy weekend on the blogs, so sit back, grab a glass of wine (or coffee if you're reading in the morning!) and get ready for a wild ride!

I'm so excited to have Tina Folsom on Secrets of a Book Lover to kick off our event!  Tina is the author of the sizzling series, Scanguard Vampires, which starts of hot and heavy in Samson's Lovely Mortal.

Hi Tina! I'm so excited to have you on the blog, especially after reading Samson's Lovely Mortal. Can you please give us a bit of background for those readers who haven't yet read any of your awesome books?

Samson is a vampire with a bit of a problem: he can’t get it up anymore. It’s nothing physical, his shrink assures him. It’s an emotional issue he has to deal you. So he tries everything, but nope, nothing moves until one night a human woman crashes through his front door. She’s soaked to the bone (think wet t-shirt contest), and he thinks she’s the stripper his friends were sending him. Lo and behold, his equipment goes into overdrive and an exciting ride starts right there. There’s intrigue, murder, betrayal, and of course lots of hot vampire sex.
What made you decide to start writing?
I wrote my first story when I was thirteen. It wasn’t very good and over the years I tried myself at many different genres, but nothing really stuck, and I never published anything. Then I discovered romance (rather late, actually), and I knew it was the right thing for me. When I read my first vampire romance, I was hooked and decided I would write vampire romances exactly the way I loved to read them: with lots of interaction between the hero and the heroine, lots of steamy sex, and some danger.
When reading Samson's Lovely Mortal, we see within the first few pages (paragraphs, even) that he's struggling with an… um… equipment malfunction. Though vampires are often written with a tortured past, they usually have no trouble in the bedroom. What made you write him with this particular issue?
I wanted Samson to be different from the usual Alpha hero. I figured, if a vampire lived a human life, and essentially most of my vampires do, then why wouldn’t he struggle with a very human issue? I wanted to show that my vampires had emotions that could fell them, that deep down they were just as human as the rest of us.
In so many vampire stories, the heroine falls instantly for the vampire, immediately accepting his "differences." Instead, you write Delilah's reaction much differently. Why did you choose that reaction for her?

Personally, I couldn’t imagine that a woman who fell for a rich guy who seemingly had everything could instantly accept that her lover wasn’t quite “perfect”. It didn’t feel right. Delilah is an analytical person, an auditor, she wouldn’t be able to instantly accept this new set of facts. She needs time to digest it. Only when she’s about to lose him, does she really understand that what he is doesn’t matter. I wanted their love story to have a universal feel: accept the other person no matter who they are.
Of course, I have to ask… Do you write the sex or does the sex write itself?

The sex scenes are the easiest ones for me to write. When I’m in a middle of a sex scene, I can just go on and on. No writer’s block there! Sometimes when I get stuck on other scenes, I skip forward and write one of the sex scenes out of sequence to get my groove back. It always works.
What can readers look forward to from you in the future?

Well, Zane’s book (Book #5 of Scanguards Vampires) is coming out in December. I have a couple of other projects in the pipeline, amongst them a contemporary romance, but I have no release dates yet. But rest assured, I’m constantly working on the next book.
Vampires or werewolves?

Witches or demons?

Demons (they are hotter!)
Books or eBooks?

Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate (the darker the better, just like my bad boys)
LOL! Thanks for joining us today!


You can find Tina on Goodreads, her website, Twitter, Facebook or her blog.


To celebrate Erotic Romance Weekend and kick things off right, Tina is offering an awesome giveaway! The winner will get to chose an autographed paperback copy of one book from either the Scanguards Vampires series -OR- the Venice Vampyre Collection. To enter, just fill out the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck and happy reading!


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