Book Review: Bound (Sasha White)


Bound by fantasy. 
Everyone thinks small town Katie Long is the good girl looking for tender romance. All she needs is to find the right man. Katie couldn't agree more.

She too has always fantasized about the "right man." But what she's looking for is one who'll give her exactly what she wants. And everything she needs. 

Bound by desire. 
Joe Carson is that man. A security guard at a local casino, he's the answer to her sensual prayers. But there's more to Joe than even Katie realizes. And more to their nightgames than just master and slave. 

Now Katie wonders just how far she'll go with a man who's more than ready to take her...


Wow, this was a wild ride through a roller coaster of emotion and sexual fantasies!  

Sasha White doesn't hold back and delivers life blow by blow to her protagonist, Katie.  She starts us off in the story with Katie taking charge and living out her first fantasy.  But that is where Katie lets go and turns full control over to Joe and things really heat up.  But to Katie, letting go of control is her escape from a world where she is in control 24/7.  Her job, her family, just life in general requires her to be in control and on the ball.  So giving it all up when Joe makes his demands makes her nights with him even more intense.

But there is more to this story than sex.  Katie is ready to leave town and move to the big city where she can just blend in.  She needs to get away from her clingy mother and her new boyfriend.  But when things with Joe heat up, her plans don't seem so simple anymore.

This was a great story and Sasha White delivered it well.  Even Joe, who I didn't love in the beginning, eventually won me over.  The way she gradually moved Joe and Katie from casual sex to something more felt natural.  Katie didn't just fall head over heels in love with him, though she did have enough lust to keep me interested.  Joe is a hard character, rarely even cracking a smile.  He didn't just turn to mush when he was around Katie, but he showed a few tender moments to make me eventually like him.

I'm disappointed it took me so long to read this book (life getting in the way and all that), because while there was a lull in the "action" after the first scene, there was plenty to make up for it later.  And the break in the sex gave me a chance to see more about Katie than just her in the bedroom (or living room, or kitchen, or... well, you get the idea) and learn more about the people in her life.  The secondary characters bring Katie to life on the pages as she struggles with her relationship with her mother and her best friend.

I loved this book!  Often erotica is centered around the sex, but Sasha blends sex, emotion, internal struggle and life in a well written novel.  I'm happy to add this one to my favorites list.

Heat Factor:

This book is a five alarm fire!  There are fantasies abound, including BDSM, spanking, sex at work, sex on camera, sex on camera AT work, toys and even the unfortunate event of being left hanging without release.  Make sure you have a man handy when you finish this book.  You're going to need him!

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of erotic romance.  Seriously, this one sets the bar!

A copy of Bound was provided to me for review by the author.


  1. It can be really hard to find authors that can blend erotica with emotional development in a book. Thanks for the heads up on the new (for me) author, I'll check this one out.

    Tania @ Wandering Hues


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