Weekly Wrap Up

Whew! Getting caught up on everything from last week was a lot of work! And although I'm not completely caught up, I'm feeling much better about posting regularly this week. It's amazing how one event can throw everything off kilter. But anyway, enough about that. If you were just as busy as I was, you might have missed some of the excitement this week. So here's the run-down.

Saturday: Exciting Announcement! & Cover Reveal: Tempted by Blood (Laurie London)

Sunday: Book of the Month Character Face-Off: Mick vs. Gavin & Sunday Sale: Under the Tuscan Sun (Frances Mayes)

Monday: Man Candy Monday!

Tuesday: Sexy Snippets: The Seeking Kiss

Wednesday: Book Review: Getting Lucky (Kayla Perrin)

Thursday: Book Review: Should've Been a Cowboy (Vicki Lewis Thompson)

Friday: 18+ Book Blogger Follow

Read this week:

In the mail this week:


That's it for today!  Have a super sexy weekend!  And if you're on the east coast, like me, it's sure to be a wet one! ;)

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