Book Review: Should've Been a Cowboy (Vicki Lewis Thompson)


Party organizer Tyler O'Connelli is on the fast track to her dream career. She's so close she can almost taste it. But when she returns to her family and sees her one-night stand, Alex Keller, all done up in his cowboy gear, her self-control is stretched to the breaking point….

They're worlds apart. She's a busy career girl, and Alex is a cowboy. But while getting together might not bode well for anything long-term, it more than makes up for it in sheer hot chemistry! Problem is, this is one wrangler she might want to get tied down—and tied up—to…indefinitely!


Yee-haw, what an exciting ride this book was! Right out of the gate, this book delivers a sexy, wild, and tempting tale of a one night stand that quickly blossoms into more.

Alex has made a few changes in his life, settling into his new role at Last Chance Ranch.  Seeing Tyler again was the last thing he expected, and he quickly realizes that avoiding her (as well as resisting her) is going to be nearly impossible.

The minute Tyler lays eyes on Alex, she knows she's in trouble.  Her one night fling has gone and turned himself into a cowboy, and what a cowboy he is!

These characters were fun, flirty, funny and very real.  Once they see each other, the chemistry starts boiling and it's only a matter of time before they are reliving their one night of passion.  Alex and Tyler decide that pursuing a fling is a great way to pass the time while she's visiting Last Chance Ranch, and the fire starts burning.  Of course, nothing is that simple, and Tyler starts doubting whether her career aboard a cruise liner is what she really wants.  Alex has feelings of his own, but he holds back, knowing that Tyler's career is the only commitment she's looking for in the near future.  It was easy for me to like both of them, especially when Tyler steps up to the plate to rescue Alex from a party disaster.  The dialogue between them was amusing and I found myself smiling through much of the book.  It also really helped move the story along, allowing me to finish this book in a single day.

After I read this, I found out that it was the fourth in a series called Sons of Chance.  Now, had I known, I never would have read this without reading the first three.  But, I have to say that I had NO trouble following this book without reading the previous books. 


This was a great, quick read that left me craving more.  I will definitely be picking up the rest in this series!

Heat Factor:

These two characters were smoking hot together.  Tyler was fun and flirty while Alex was sexy as hell.  He made me want a cowboy of my own!

Definitely pick this one up if you're a fan of contemporary or western romance.  This one won't disappoint!

A copy of Should've Been a Cowboy was provided to me for review by the publisher and netgalley.com.

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