Book of the Month Character Face-Off: Mick vs. Gavin

Character Face-Off is a fun little feature Crystal and I are hosting for our Book of the Month where we pit two characters from the novel and/or series against each other. How do you play? Well, on each of our blogs we will give you the stats on our character of choice and then there will be a poll where you, the reader, can vote for your favorite. At the end of the month we will tally the results and announce the winner along with the giveaway winners for the Book of the Month!

The Players:
Mick Riley sponsored by Crystal at Reading Between the Wines
Gavin Riley sponsored by Kelly at Secrets of a Book Lover

Name: Gavin Riley
Appearance: Changing the Game
Profession: MLB first baseman for the Saint Louis Rivers
Age: 29
Features: Mesmerizing green eyes, dark brown hair that falls just over his brow, sexy goatee, lean, toned body, devilish smile
Attributes: Gavin is a great chef, good at recreational sports, a smooth talker, and isn't afraid to be emotional when family is involved.  He's a great role model for his nephew, feels overshadowed by his brother, Mick, and has doubts about his feelings for Liz.  He messes up in a big way, but more than makes up for it.  How can you not love a man who redeems himself?

So, go ahead, vote for Gavin in the poll on my sidebar.  There's no need to even look at Crystal's post about Mick.  Because really, who doesn't love a major league slugger?  Mick may have kicked things off with The Perfect Play, but Gavin hits a home run with Changing the Game.

Vote for your favorite Play by Play man!

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