Review: Long Hard Ride (Lorelei James)


Channing Kinkaid itches for a wild western adventure with an untamed man. Enter Colby McKay, bull rider, saddle bronc buster and calf roper. He knows he's found a woman who's up to the challenge of cutting loose. Intrigued by Channing's bold proposition to "horse around" on the road, Colby proposes sexual escapades not only in his bed, but in those of his two rodeo traveling partners. Can Channing give up total control? Especially when not all is as it seems with the sexy trio?


Wow. Let me start by saying that the title of this book is the perfect play on words. As is the name of the series. This is one scorching hot, super sexy, ultra kinky read. Just to be perfectly clear, if you pick up this book, expect sex. Lots and lots of sex. In all different positions, places and scenarios.

Channing is a city girl looking for an escape. She wants to get away from the life that has been planned for her and the people who have always dictated what she should be doing. She wants nothing more than the freedom that comes with following the rodeo. The smokin' hot cowboys that come with it are just an added perk. I love her personality in this story. She's strong and witty but she's also vulnerable. She's open to new experiences and is willing to try anything, as long as it's with Colby.

Colby McKay is notorious with the ladies and his reputation is no secret to Channing. But there's something about this cowboy that she's drawn to and when he agrees to let her tag along, it's certainly not going to be a free ride. Colby is a strong, alpha cowboy and shows it both in and out of the bedroom. But despite is insatiable appetite for sex and his reputation in the rodeo circuit, he finds himself falling for Channing. What starts out as a fun sex-capade turns into something more for both Colby and Channing.

I loved the relationship that builds between these two. Though their relationship starts out steamy and sexy, it gradually builds into something more. The story has some great elements that build the relationships of some secondary characters as well. I feel like I had the opportunity to meet them and to learn a little about their personalities. Lorelie James does a great job with her story-building and the book moves along at a steady pace.


I really love the world that the author has built around her characters.  There is the excitement of the rodeo, the bond of friendship, the camaraderie amongst the rodeo "wives" and the danger of the work.  I felt like I was in the middle of the story as I was reading.  The characters have personality and individuality which really jumped out at me.  As I read about each character, I wanted to know more.  I can't wait to get to the second in this series!

Heat Factor:


Holy crap!  This book is sizzling, scorching and otherwise sinful!  The chemistry between Channing and Colby is off the charts and although there was plenty of blazing hot sex, I was craving more!  

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of western romance and erotica.  But brace yourself, it's going to be a long, hard ride! ;)

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  1. I absolutely loooooooooooooooove her series. She is one of my top 5 faves.


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