Sexy Snippets: When You Dare

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When You Dare (Chapter 11)

He had to remember that this was to eradicate ugly memories. He had to remember all that she'd suffered.

Seeing the bruise on her cheek, Dare bent to brush his mouth over it. "They hit you . . . here?"

She said nothing but her breath hitched.

"And here?" Skimming his mouth along her throat, he gently touched each mark, occasionally licking over a fading bruise or putting a soft love bite over angry fingerprints. It was so dark out that he worked by memory--not that he'd ever forget a single mark on her delicate skin.

"My . . . my ribs," she whispered by way of encouragement, making Dare smile.

Overcome with tenderness, rigid with lust, he pulled the T-shirt up. "Right here," he whispered, knowing that his jaw brushed her breast as he pressed openmouthed kisses to her ribs.

"Dare." She tunneled her fingers into his hair and arched up a little.

Oh Dare! You can tend to my wounds any day! Check back tomorrow when I review "When You Dare".

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