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Did you ever wonder what kind of underwear your favorite authors wear?  Well, keep reading!

I'm so happy to have John Harness here for an interview.  After this interview, I can see how much of his personality comes out in Hard Day's Knight.  It was refreshing to interview someone so down to earth and funny.

Hi, John! Thank you for joining me on Secrets of a Book Lover!

This novel, Hard Day’s Knight is quite a bit different from some of the other vampire novels that I have read. What made you want to write about vampires in such a different way?

I love urban fantasy in general and vampire novels in particular, but I sense a certain similarity in a lot of what I was reading. As someone once said to me, “there’s a reason all the book covers have a hot chick’s butt in leather holding a weapon.” I’ve always tried to go my own way in whatever I’ve done, so this is just another instance of that. Plus I’m not particularly hot and sexy, so I would have no idea how to write guys like that.

The two main characters, Jimmy and Greg, seem surprisingly human. They aren’t gorgeous, suave millionaires, don’t have a lot of money, they live in a small apartment and they play video games. What inspired you to create these characters as they are?

People say “write what you know,” and I know comic book nerds. I’ve talked to a lot of people who love the fact that my guys aren’t super-sexy and don’t always get the girl (or ever get the girl). I just wanted to write something that was a twist on the norm, and fun for my readers. And I wanted the characters to be fun to write, and these guys certainly are that!

You use a great amount of religious detail when it comes to the conflict, especially the final fight. Do you have a background in theology or religious teachings that you drew on to write this book?

Not really. I’ve studied the Bible a little on my own, and was raised in a fairly religious home, but I don’t have a theology degree or anything like that. I have a lot of questions about religion, and I express that through my books I guess.

All of my questions make this book seem so serious but there is plenty of sarcasm and playful banter between the characters. Were these conversations that you planned out or did they just come to you as you wrote them?

Some bits and bobs are planned out, usually as I’m talking to myself in the shower or while driving, but most of them come out of my normal snarky, silly writing style. It was always my intent to make the guys smart-asses, though. Back to that whole “write what you know” thing. :)

Can we expect to see more of the undead detectives in future novels?

Absolutely! Book two came out earlier this year, title Back in Black, and book three should hit shelves in July. It will be called Knight Moves. I have at least five books planned for the series, maybe six.

Who is your favorite author? Did any one author inspire you to start writing?

I have a lot of authors I love, but I guess Neil Gaiman is probably my favorite. There wasn’t any one inspiration to start writing, rather it’s something that I’ve done ever since I was a little kid.

If you could only read three books for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card and The Belgariad by David Eddings (yes I’m cheating and taking a series as my last book!)

Books or eBooks? Ebooks, all the way. The only analog edition books I buy anymore are bargain comics and copies to have the author sign.

Vanilla or chocolate? Vanilla. And boxer briefs, for the record. :)

Ooh, sexy! LOL! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by for an interview!


John G. Hartness is a recovering theatre geek who likes loud music, fried pickles and cold beer. He’s been published or accepted online in several journals including The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, cc&d, Deuce Coupe and Truckin’.

His first novel, The Chosen, is an urban fantasy about saving the world, snotty archangels, gambling, tattooed street preachers, immortals with family issues, bar brawls and the consequences of our decisions.

He followed up The Chosen with Hard Day’s Knight, a new twist on the vampire detective novel and the first in a planned series of at least five books. The second book of The Black Knight Chronicles, Back in Black, landed in March 2011 and has enjoyed immediate success.

John has been called “the Kevin Smith of Charlotte,” and fans of Joss Whedon and Jim Butcher should enjoy his snarky slant on the fantasy genre. His next novel, Knight Moves (Black Knight Chronicles Vol. 3) is due out in the summer of 2011.

He can be found online at www.johnhartness.com and spends too much time on Twitter, especially after a few drinks.


Have you ever wanted to be a character in a book?  Well, John is giving followers a chance to be written into his next novel!

You can find Hard Day's Knight at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and you can check out the last stop on this tour at John's website tomorrow.

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