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Alfonso Serrano is a hunted man. For months he's managed to elude the Darkbloods, vengeful foes who won't rest until he's dead. But he still craves one dangerous temptation: Lily DeGraff, the sexy Guardian agent he'll risk anything to protect.
Lily is a wanted woman. Her talent for tracking Sweet—a rare blood type that's addictive to vampires—makes her a prime target for enemy capture. Her only hope is the stealthy vampire operative who stole into her bed…then left her in despair. Danger aside, Lily won't let Alfonso near her heart again—until an irresistible hunger threatens to draw them back together… and into an assassin's snare.


Warning: Bonded by Blood spoiler alert!

Alfonso. Dear, tormented, dark and sexy Alfonso. I have to admit, I didn't think I would like Alfonso after the first book, Bonded by Blood. Although, the twist at the end with him being Lily's informant did surprise me. But I still wasn't sure how I felt about him by the time I put the book down.

Jump to Embraced by Blood and I immediately fell for him. With his tortured past, his broken heart and his protective instincts, he's the perfect alpha hero and I just couldn't get enough of him!

Lily is the perfect companion for Alfonso. She is strong, fierce, independent and a kick ass heroine. She doesn't take crap from anyone, least of all Alfonso and I love that about her.

The love, the hurt and the heartbreak between Lily and Alfonso is beautifully written. It's believable and I felt myself empathizing with the characters. The chemistry between them is intense and Laurie London does an amazing job balancing that chemistry with tension, doubt and eventually, passion.

Of course, what's a Sweetblood novel without the Darkbloods? Further building on his role within the Darkblood society, the author gives us a look into Alfonso's past, the pacts that he made with the DB's and the consequences that are inevitable in the aftermath of his betrayal. Suspense kept me on the edge my seat and anxious for more.


This book had everything that I needed for a 5 star review. Love, passion, drama, suspense and action. And as with her first novel, there's a nice little twist thrown in towards the end that I didn't see coming. Plus, not only did Laurie London build on the story which began with Bonded by Blood, but she also drew me into another secondary character, setting readers up for the release of her next novel, Tempted by Blood (2012), which I believe will be Jackson's story.

Heat Factor:

The love that Lily and Alfonso share is heartwarming and beautiful. Their connection and chemistry acts as a compliment to the story, not a distraction from it. If you're looking for passion on a deep level, you will find it in Lily and Alfonso.

A copy of Embraced by Blood was provided to me for review by the publisher and netgalley.com


A graduate of Western Washington University with a BA in Business Administration and a former tester/programmer for a Fortune 500 company, Laurie London writes from her home near Seattle where she lives with her husband and two children.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America®, Greater Seattle Area RWA, RWAOnline, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, FF&P (RWA chapter devoted to all things paranormal), and two book clubs.

When not writing, she can be found running, reading, or riding and showing her horse. Someday she hopes to qualify for the Quarter Horse World Show – that is, if her horse doesn’t get hurt again.


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What is the most important feature in a hero?

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  1. What is the most important feature in a hero?
    I think it would have to be Stranght not just not body but mind as well.. Going from a strong heart to a strong soul.. All the way around
    Thank you for the giveaway!!

  2. Victoria ZumbrumJune 29, 2011 at 9:13 AM

    The most important feature in a hero would have to be his strength and his strong love for the ones he loves. Tore923@aol.com

  3. His sexiness? LoL No, it would be having a good heart. Because you can't be a hero without one.

  4. He would have to be a loving and caring individual.

  5. The most important feature in a hero would have to be his eyes and you should be able to see in them and know he's telling the truth.

  6. The most important feature in a hero for me would be a strong and disciplined nature-he has to truly want everything to be right and safe in the end (not just because of some girl). GFC Krystal Larson

  7. I want my heroes to be redeemable and not a complete ass. I also want them to be able to loving.


  8. I like him to be an alpha but has softer qualities when around those he loves.

    GFC follower - Stephanie M

    smccar1 at hotmail dot com

  9. The Willingness to risk your life to save a other person is important but sexiness never hurts
    guess the first one did not go threw

  10. I want my hero to be willing to give to the heroine, not just take. He should be the kind of guy that supports her and has her back.

    jen at delux dot com

  11. He has to be willing to sacrifice everything for the heroine. And it never, never hurts for him to be hot and sexy. It's almost a must need!!

  12. The most important feature in my hero would be loyalty.

  13. I think an important feature of a hero is that he have a kind soul.

  14. For me it's essential (and I only just finally figured this out yesterday) that the hero not be a loner by choice. Crazy huh? If he enjoys being a loner he just won't work for me. If say he's a vampire and being away from others is his way of trying to protect people sure... that works... but if he doesn't need or want companionship... I'm going to hate him. I think that's why series like the BDB, Lords of the Underworld and Sweet Bloods work for me.

  15. An Alpha male who takes no crap but is compassionate,tender and protective of those he loves with a sense of humor thrown in. Asking much ? lol
    GFC follower under Lucky47.
    Carol L.
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  16. Faithfulness-- I don't want to read about cheating between the main couple!

  17. A hero has to to be strong and selfless. He needs to do what ever it takes to save people.

  18. Most important feature? Selflessness.

    Thank you for the giveaway!


    GFC Follower-AimeeKay


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