Man Candy Monday & Night Huntress Giveaway Winner!

Happy Monday, lovers!  I hope everyone had a fun weekend!  It was a busy one here which was awesome except I haven't picked up a book in about 3 days . . . Gah!  I need to change that today!

Anyway, first things first . . . My Night Huntress Giveaway ended yesterday and before I announce the winner, I just wanted to say thank you to my girlfriend, Crystal (from Reading Between the Wines) for her guest post and review.  It was awesome of her to do that for me and she's a rock star for being so generous with her time.

So, without further ado (I did always love that word but it's not very often you get to use it), the winner is . . . Jess!  Jess said:
I get embarassed by some of the stuff I read and I have this really bad habit where I'll start reading at like 10:30 and plan to only read a chapter or two but then stay up till 2am finishing the book. It's always worth it but I'm sooo tired the next day. I get really protective of my books as well, like one time I wouldn't let someone borrow my book because I didn't trust them enough and I always bug my friends about keeping my books really safe.
Congratulations!  Jess will win the Night Huntress book of her choice along with some book swag from Crystal.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Now, I know you might be upset because you didn't win, it's Monday and your $150 Keurig died on you this morning at 5:00 AM (hypothetically speaking, of course), so here's something to cheer you up.  In honor of the gorgeous, 87 degree day we will be having here, I present to you your Man Candy on the beach!  Just don't leave him out in the sun too long.  He might melt!

Have a great week!


  1. Where the heck is this guy when I go to the beach?

    Congrats Jess!

  2. Oooh just thinking about warm weather was nice but a hot booty to go with it? Priceless. ;)


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