Secret #1

I don't usually tell my husband what I'm reading. Not becuse I don't want to or because I'm embarrassed but my husband is the type of person who will use any piece of otherwise useless information and use it to take jabs. It's all in good fun, of course, but my books are sacred so I don't even give him the chance.

Do you discuss your books with your husband/significant other?


  1. Since I write the kind of books we're talking about, I have to keep it on the down low at places like my work. Very stuffy people there. Significant other knows about them, but co-workers? No. I don't even tell them I read them, much less write them

    Great design! Congrats on the new blog!


  2. I used to worry my husband might judge me based on my reading but he's actually borrowed some of my books and has become quite the little PNR/UF fan himself. He doesn't always listen to me when I insist he will love a series I like if he'd just give it a chance but I love that we can read and discuss this stuff together.

    I just know better than to share my scifi smut. ;) If he read one of my Cheryl Brooks novels he'd think I was hiding some secret desire for enhanced "members". *ahem*


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